Smarter than the average Mysis pattern, the Brainiac Mysis┬ácapitalizes on the black eyes and bright colored head/thorax of a Mysis shrimp. Those characteristics, along with it’s selective UV materials make this a productive Mysis pattern.

Flash Level



18 – 22


UV White

Pattern Status

Tested; good producer.

Suggested Fishing Techniques

This pattern is best fished in the first section of a Tailwater below a Reservoir Dam where Mysis are present in the Reservoir above. My favorite way to fish this pattern is as a lead attractor offering on a multi-nymph rig, but has also brought plenty of fish to the net as a main offering.

Field Notes

While this pattern is intended to imitate a Mysis shrimp, I believe trout take this pattern as a general attractor.


Available through authorized CATCH Fly Fishing retailers in 2019.


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