Small trout munchies that are widely available in most freshwater systems and hatch at a range of temperatures making them a staple food source year round.

Midge Larvae

Midge larvae resemble tiny worms that typically have a sender body or slightly tapered as it approaches the head of larvae.

Midge Pupa

Midge larvae emerging into an adult take a pupa form who’s body includes legs, wings and antennae clumped near the head of the insect.

Latest Midge Designs

Holo Bloodworm

A perfect larvae worm for spooky trout in clear water.

BnB Midge Larvae

A simple midge larvae pattern that brings many trout to the net.

BDay Midge Larvae

A midge larvae pattern with a body style similar to the Toxic Midge Pupa.

Toxic Midge Pupa

A productive midge pupa pattern exhibiting just the right features to attract even pressured trout.