A great midge pupa pattern that can be used to imitate both lighter and darker colored midge pupa using Florescent Orange and Black respectively. Works for any application where a “Crystal Midge Pupa” or similar pattern is used.

Flash Level



20 – 24


Black, Florescent Orange

Pattern Status

Tested; good producer.

Suggested Fishing Techniques

While certainly this pattern will fish in the lower water column, typically I fish this pattern as an upper offering on a multi-nymph rig. The flash factor attracts fish to lower offerings, but at the same time brings a good amount of fish to the net itself.

Field Notes

This pattern has produced a good number of fish for me. The Florescent Orange color works well for imitating lighter colored midges when they are coming off and is a staple during winter / colder months. In Black, this pattern fishes well as a replacement for the “Crystal Midge Pupa” and other similar ties and will fish year round.


Available through authorized CATCH Fly Fishing retailers in 2019.


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